Oct 08

A principle that can be outright stolen from the marketing world

“The things that lead to great accomplishment are not sexy, or glamorous, so they’re rarely practiced, rarely thought, and therefore rarely learned.”
– Ken McCarthy (One of the pioneers of internet marketing)

The other day, I spent a few hours slowly poring over a long form sales letter.

And amidst all the words (there were, indeed, a lot), I chanced upon that little gem up above. That principle immediately made me think of applications that extend far beyond just marketing. In fact, it’s something that can be outright stolen and applied to the game we play.

I’ll give you an example.

There’s a movement that almost no one drills. I can count on one hand the times that I’ve seen it in a warmup of a class that I wasn’t teaching. And in fact, the first time I ever learned it was when I was a purple belt.

I still remember that day.

Wilson Reis came out to Maryland for a seminar, and he had all these freaky movements in his warmup. We all struggled with them. They were all unfamiliar.

Of them all, just one stuck with me.

And since then, I’ve realized how powerful it is.

Not only can it be used to get out from under knee on belly in a way that will make your opponent seem like a fool but it’s also the absolute easiest way to escape from knee pillow (the position that often leads to death by strangulation) as well.

That’s not even all.

And it also happens to be the key element of escaping in that moment when your opponent transitions into S mount and readies themselves to snatch up your arm with a gleam of anticipation in their eyes.

Right then, you can snatch victory right out of their jaws and leave them looking at you with frustration.

It’s ridiculously easy too.

It just requires that one basic movement. It’s not secksy. Or glamorous either. Perhaps that’s why no one really drills it as much as the shrimp.

Who knows.

I, for one, don’t fall into that camp though. I’m making all my students drill until it becomes second nature. And frankly, I don’t even want to tell you what it is. I’d rather show you.

There’s a lesson up in the micro adjustments course that breaks down exactly how you can escape from S mount with ease. And in it, you will learn that movement.

By my reckoning, there’s about a month left, before that lesson will be sent on its merry way. So you have time (but not too much).

Here’s the non-secksy link: