Oct 18

Crocodiles don’t hunt with their arms

In nature, crocodiles ambush their prey with a vicious intensity that few other predators can match.

Just pull up National Geography, and you’ll see them slowly drifting along in the water, all nonchalant, before suddenly surging out of the water and chomping down on some wildebeest.

And you know what?

They always lead with their jaws first.

Those arms don’t get used at all when it comes to hunting. And once their jaws snapped shut, they pull their prey into the depths of the water before finishing the job.

There’s a lesson there, if you’re savvy.

In fact, my coach was the first one to reveal it to me. It happened way back. I think I was a blue belt at the time, and the topic was the triangle from guard.

Too many people in the class were being lazy about shooting their hips up when it comes to executing the attack. And they were trying to compensate by using their hands to pull their partner down and adjust for the finish.

No bueno.

They were just making things harder on themselves, and yours truly was one of those poor saps too.

I was doing the same exact thing.

To fix that problem, we were all told to imagine ourselves as crocodile skimming the along the top of the water, in search of prey. As soon as it came close, we had to lunge out and snap down, and our legs were no different than the jaws of a croc.

In attack mode, we went to the prey, and then dragged them back into our feast zone.

And to make the triangle lethal, we had to ambush with the same vicious intensity. A sudden lunge, followed with a snap, before dragging the prey down into the depths to finish the job.

It was a necessity that the hips shot up. And the legs (or jaws) had to be tool used to entrap and demolish the opposition.

That was like an eureka moment for me.

It changed my approach to triangle ever since, and that’s especially true when it comes to drilling them.

In fact, there’s a little micro movement I use in the push pull triangle drill to quickly and effortlessly elevate my hips and snap down on a tight choke. It’s even broken down over on tube along with some other details.

Be warned though

I may indeed succumb to the temptation of removing it at any time just like one of the disciples of my sneaky ways feared when he wrote:

“I always feel I should download all of your videos before you change your mind and take them off for a dvd or something.”

For now though, that lesson can be found here: