Oct 03

The best way to show someone nothing

Since its inception, I’ve made radical changes to the micro adjustments course. The last being the restriction of content to just 15 lessons at any one time.

It’s not something that went down without some blowback either.

In fact, here’s an example:

“Noooooooooooo! Not the bow-and-arrow technique!!!!!!!!!! Is there really no way we can have an archive of old lessons to refer back to every so often? These little adjustments are gems – I can see myself coming back to them all the time.”

It wasn’t a decision that was made without forethought though. In that weird little thing called my mind, I envisioned sharing little insights, principles, techniques and tricks on a weekly basis for years to come.

That’s 52 lessons a year (at the very least) averaging between anywhere from 3 to 7 minutes.

Without some management…

The bloat would have gotten insane.

That right there is the absolute best way to teach someone nothing.

It’s the kinda thing that happens in the academy too. People try to learn everything at once and end up learning nothing. The better path is to focus on one thing at a time.

It’s hard though, I know.

I like feasting too, but sometimes you just have to take a bite and savor it for sometime to truly nourish yourself.

That’s the philosophy behind the changes I made to the course. I wanted people to take the time to savor each small lesson, experiment with the technique, and use the principles as inspiration to improve their games, rather than feast and forget.

And frankly, those that are capable of such laser focus go much further in the game.

Anyway, if you’re not a food eating champion, head here for more details on the course: