Sep 27

The backtake that killed dreams

I’ve told this real life tale of utter domination before.

But at times, it bears repetition because of the principles that can be discovered within its depths.

Anyway, too many years ago to bother counting, I watched as a teammate of mine harvested souls one after the another with the same exact strategy. It didn’t even matter that they knew it was coming.

Hell, I even heard the coach of one girl warn her over and over again about it.


That didn’t change annnnnything.

The grip still got set, and from there, it was a wrap. Slowly and methodically, the back was taken, and doom soon followed.

Dreams were crushed.

But one was realized.

On that day, Rachel Demara, became the first World Champion that my academy ever produced. Her strategy wasn’t complicated either. She pulled to closed guard, attacked the arm, and then set a certain grip while her opponents were distracted by the submission threat.


What that grip accomplished though was amazing. Not only did it lock her opponent’s arm across the body, leaving a clear path to the back, but it also immediately opened the door to a quick and lethal choke.

The whole series is pure platinum.

In fact, I still use it to this day.

But it’s not in its old form anymore. I tinkered with it more than a little bit. Now that system has far more offensive options and even the initial grip has been mutated into a monstrosity that devours souls without remorse and crushes dreams without blinking.

And it can all be discovered here: