Aug 09

Stacked on your head in the armbar no more

For me, the closed guard armbar is the submission that I love most. Not because it’s easy though (there are a lot of submissions that are easier for me). It’s actually the complete opposite.

I love it because it’s so difficult.

Almost everyone recognizes the threat early and defends powerfully.

And many times, I’ve lost it before the threat truly began. That forced me to start developing little tricks to disguise the threat but that is a topic for another day.

Let me tell you a story instead:

About two years ago, I had an opportunity to attend a Pedro Sauer seminar. And he ran it a little differently than I’m used to. It was entirely Q&A. Everyone asked questions, and we covered a wide range of topics. When it was my turn though, I only had one little simple question.

How do you finish the armbar from closed guard?

That’s all I wanted to know.

And he gave me a detail that blew my mind. No joke. I cannot overstate how powerful that little detail was. It revolutionized the mechanics of my finish. I’ve never forgotten it, and I never will.

And guess what?

I’ll share it with you today.

Be warned though. It absolutely slaughters the stack in its infantry. May it rest in peace. And I’m going to show you some other small adjustments that will help you make your attack more lethal.