Sep 01

Hope still exists even when the underhook has been lost

Just another day playing half guard, and it happens.

You lose the underhook.

And then the guy proceeds to smash you without any mercy at all. Where is the consideration? It’s supposed to be the gentle art. But noooo. There’s nothing gentle about the pressure that’s raining on your chin.

It sucks.

I know. I’ve been there many times.

But it’s not the end of the road. You still have options. You can still strike, even in that situation. And guess what??

I’m going to show you some tricks of the craft. First though, let’s talk about concept.

You Lost the Underhook. Oh Noes!

Hearken to this.

Your most severe issue isn’t the underhook; it’s the fact that you’ve been flattened out. Once both your shoulders hit the mat, it spells trouble. You lose mobility and your ability to leverage is damaged. Keep that in mind at all times. It may just save you.

Anyway, we’re going to assume that you’re flat.

Because otherwise, you would still have the ability to move as you wish for the most part.

And in that case, you must damage the structure of your opponent’s position. And your tools for that will be hip movement and bridges. Ahh. It’s basics 101. Just goes to show that there is a reason behind all the movement drills.

They actually have a purpose.

And their applications are countless.

Well, well, that’s enough with the abstract principles, take a gander at how they can be used to either sweep or take the underhook back.

For more tips and tricks for the underhook half guard game, mosey over to my course on the topic. I’m sharing all of my experience playing the position over the duration of seven weeks jammed packed with little lessons. Jump in, and improve your game.