Nov 21

Stacked to hell and back again

I LOATHE being stacked.

It’s not even because I’m uncomfortable. No. I can hang out there all day. But if I get stacked, it means that I done fugked up.

I made some small error somewhere or I failed to make an adjustment as soon as control started to slip away.

And who can I blame for that?

Who else but yours truly.

So I pay attention to situations where it can happen. And the one place where you will absolutely feel the stack sometime in your life is when you go for the armbar in closed guard.

I know, I’ve been there.

The guy feels your transition and he has that ‘oh noes’ moment. It’s like a light goes off in his mind and he just reacts, driving into you and stacking you onto your neck.

Of course, there is a counter there. You can spin under and finish the armbar belly down. But I’m a slacker. I prefer simple efficiency.

Why invert and spin when you can just prevent the stack in the first place?

It’s a no brainer to me.

And the absolute best way to accomplish that is something that I learned from Pedro Sauer, the esteemed (and frankly, brilliant) master of efficiency.

A few years back, I attended one of his seminars. And it was all Q&A. He offered everyone the opportunity to ask a question and then he would share some gem of knowledge.

I had just one question.

It was as simple as simple could be.

I just wanted to know how he did armbars from closed guard. And he shared one small detail that BLEW my mind. It was a gamechanger. I’ve never forgotten about it. And I yap about it aalllll the time.

That one adjustment absolutely slaughters the stack.

And you will definitely be able to learn it in my closed guard course.

Hop on over for the deets: