Nov 14

The curse of triangle orthodoxy

Not that many years ago, the most common methodology for finishing the triangle required that you lift your hips, pass the arm across, and pull down on the head.

It was gospel.

Hell, you can even say that it was orthodoxy.

If you did it any other way, you were dead wrong.

But hidden in the depths of those execution is a problem. I would even call it a curse. The problem lies in that first step. When the hips lifts, an opportunity is created, small though it may be. If the opportunity drives their hips forward at that exact moment, the structure of the position will be damaged, and the threat will be diminished.

And it’s not even necessary.

The arm doesn’t have to go across.

No space has to be given.

And you can easily lead foes into the great dreamland with a few minor adjustments if you understand the position. And it is, indeed, a position more than it is a submission.

In fact, there are a whole host of attacks that exist in the position.

And there is one adjustment in particular that will give you a whole ‘nother level of control.

That, right there, is going to the next update to micro adjustments.

And you can find out more about what else is inside here: