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Nov 28

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Teaching Experiment II

Recently, I taught a class at Evolve Academy. I had a simple vision. I wanted to create a focused lesson that reinforced the technique in different ways. What we’re going to do here is go back and try to highlight what was good and bad about that approach. Class Structure Free Form Drilling – 10 …

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Nov 16

How Dare You Associate Emoticons with Training

I don’t like using emoticons. It’s simply because it doesn’t feel natural. The reason that it doesn’t feel natural is because I haven’t done it enough. It’s quite the little paradox. Something isn’t done because it doesn’t feel right, but it doesn’t feel right because it isn’t done. The same kind of dynamic can be …

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Nov 11

Teaching Self-Defense in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Take a moment and think about how Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is taught. There is generally a logical progression. You start off with drilling technique with no resistance then you drill it with varying amounts of resistance. One of the best examples of that last step is rolling.  When you roll, you go against people with different …

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Nov 05

Another Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Thought Experiment

Imagine this. There are two entirely different individuals. One is extremely athletic with significant experience in sports. The other is out of shape and has never played in any sports seriously before. Now take both of those individuals and introduce them to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at the same time and at the same gym. Inspire in …

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Oct 29

The Characteristics of Success and How to Apply Them

One day, I walked into the library, and something quite unexpected happened.. By chance, my eyes fell upon a book, and it had a word on the cover that stood out to me. You could probably guess which one it was if you take just a moment to look up above. I picked it up, …

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Oct 23

Reverse Engineering Technique in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

We’re going to follow up on the principle of piecing it all together by looking at the technique equation from a different angle. So let’s start by restating that equation: Technique = Concept + Movement It’s a simple equation, and that’s why it’s useful as an intuitive framework for understanding how technique is learned and …

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