Side Control Ghosting






It’s not complicated at all, but you have to do it right

This course is for those who still wonder why they have to struggle so much to escape from side control.

Often, it comes down to simple things. Not all the flash that makes people go ooooh and aaaah when they see them. Nah. The art isn’t complicated. It can be simplified, and that’s exactly what we are going to do.

I’m going to show you how to make sense of side control and its variations.

And once you understand what makes those positions so strong, it will be much easier to break them down and create opportunities for escape.

And some of the lessons inside include:

What lazy side control is and why you should avoid drilling your escapes against it whenever possible. (Too many instructors teach how to escape from it and it leaves students ill prepared to deal with real pressure. )

An escape from north south that will also help you slip right through the kimura threat there as well(It’s a possibility was revealed by principle alone.)

Exactly how to break down the structure of an opponent’s kesa gatame hold. (It’ll always be a fight but if you understand the principle behind their control, you’ll have all the tools you need to get out.)

 A small modification to the jail break escape that doesn’t require you to be almost as flexible as BJ Penn.  (The inflexible need love too.)

One change to the elbow trap escape that has shot my armbar transition attack through the roof. (It’s a small thing but it was an absolute game changer.)

 An uncommon escape that can easily lead to a sneaky triangle while changing one little thing about the hip escape (I’ve only seen it taught once, and it has saved me more times than I would like to count.)

 Many drills both common and bizarre that will help you improve movement and escape more often. (Some can even be done while you’re home alone.)

 A little change to the common frames on bottom that will help you increase your leverage, create more space, and transition to attacks more smoothly . (I haven’t seen anyone else teach it.)

But hang on… we’re still not done.

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