Micro Adjustments Course





“We’ll be breaking down many of the little tweaks and tricks

that can increase the devastation you unleash on the mat.”


The difference between winning and losing a position often comes down to inches.

And if you want the rare ability to win those little micro battles “at will” in many different situations, then this course will show you how.

“Micro Adjustments” is an online course featuring a mixture of clear and concise instruction on small technical tweaks and analysis of why positions were won and lost in matches. Simplicity is the goal, and you’ll see exactly how and why I modify things. In fact, there’s no way that you’ll walk away without a deeper understanding of the principles of the game.

Each week, I’ll be adding a new lesson. And the focus will just be on highlighting one small micro adjustment that makes a significant difference.

What that means is that you have to show up weekly. If you can’t do that, this course is not for you. It’s not something that you can just gouge on in one sitting and then forget about. It’s going to be an ongoing learning experience.

If that’s something you’re interested in, here’s a small taste of what you’ll learn inside:

How to make your darce chokes more lethal with just a slight modification to the attack. (This was inspired by several of the insights I learned from Dave Porter, and his darce is phenomenal.)

Why someone gripping your pants in your closed guard is a gift that you should take without the slightest bit of remorse. (‘Tis one of the easiest ways to hit one of the most basic closed guard sweeps.)

How a small adjustment to foot placement will radically increase the effectiveness of the x pass. (When I learned this from Abmar Barbosa, it blew my mind, and it changed how I do this pass for all time.)

A IBJJF legal ankle lock from the 50/50 that I’ve caught many people with nonchalant ease over the years. (Because I have this in my arsenal, I caught remember the last time I was frustrated about being stuck in 50/50.)

How to create soul crushing pressure. (It’s so bad that not only will people tap to the choke but even when they somehow survive that first threat, they still wish they were anywhere else but there at that moment.)

Some simple tactics for finishing the choke against hyper defensive opponents when you’re on their back. (Few things are worst than having all your attacks neutralized when you’re in dominant position.)

A stupid simple method for dealing with those who choose to stall in your closed guard. (When done right, it’ll give you immediate offensive opportunities.)

The one little grip that will drastically increase your control of the omoplata in the gi. (If you want to finish the submission more often, it’s something that must be in your toolbox.)

How to approach escaping from the back on a philosophical level. (You’ll learn exactly what your key objectives should be and how to increase both your survival rate and your escape probability.)

An exploration of the long step counter to the reverse de la riva and what can be done to counter. (Something you can steal and dance on fools tomorrow with.)

 A breakdown of an aerial assault counter to the kneecut. (You’ll learn why it works and what can be done to kill it from the other side.)

The specific angles that decide who wins or loses the battle in the over under butterfly position. (I learned this many moons ago when I was a blue belt, and it has been a mega game changer.)

A solution to a position that frustrated me for way too long during an hour and half superfight. (I should have figured this out during the match because the solution is way too simple.)

How to deal with opponents who bait the triangle in order to pass in a way that will leave them frustrated and helpless. (This change in tactics has reaped massive benefits for me.)

…and far more lessons are on the way.  The course will be updated at a regular pace with new little sneaky tricks and adjustments.

Be warned though.

There are only 15 lessons in the course at any one time. Every week on Sunday, I add a new lesson and delete the oldest one. The reason behind that is that I never want you to get so overwhelmed by content that you don’t learn anything at all. Instead, I want you to take it slow and truly explore the principles and strategies behind this small adjustments to the game.

It’ll be an ongoing education in the fine details. And I’ll be breaking things down just like I did with the following lesson on the loop choke:

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