Jul 16

Better than the average mechanic

Mat chat time:

Many moons ago, after a great training session, amidst many grand puddles of sweat, a few of us had a discussion.

I could regale you with a fascinating tale of how it took many turns and covered several topics.

But no, I just want to share one thing.

One of my teammates used to work in the car industry. And he often found himself bored with routine maintenance and daily customer interactions. But he LOVED new and challenging projects. They motivated him.

While he was telling his tale, I felt an instant sense of connection.

I’m the same way. I love a challenge because it is only by stretching ourselves that we grow. And growth excites me.

Get thee away from me, average.

We aren’t friends.


He also told a story about the part recall on a certain model of car. The estimated time for service was 30 minutes. And he said most mechanics took an hour and a half to do the work.

But listen to this.

He was different.

It took him 15 minutes. Why? Because he was efficient. Through repetition, he learned the process in and out.

There’s a lesson there if you choose to snatch it.

Challenging yourself to solve new and interesting problems is one path to growth, but it is not the only one. It’s also possible to grow through improvement of process.

And the same principle applies to our game of choice.

Don’t get so excited by learning new movements, concepts and techniques that you neglect deep exploration.

In fact, at the very least, give yourself a monthly project.

It should focus on one topic. And your goal is to dig as deep as possible. Shoot for a high number of reps. Challenge yourself. And make some progress every time you step on the mat.


Hell, if you’re a half guardian, I’ll even give you heaps of help.

It can be found here: