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Learn the position and its many variations from the ground up

Here’s the deal:

The “Half Guard Trickery” course focuses on all the best principles and tactics I’ve ever learned for half guard.

I’ve been playing the position since I was a white belt, and I used it with great success at Worlds, Pans, Europeans and at many other tournaments over the years.

The game is DEEP, and this bad boy ain’t no traditional instructional. It’s not filled with bells and whistles. No. It’s dull and unpolished. The focus is on the small little things that make a major difference in the position. You’re going to learn how to play half guard from the ground up. That includes a focus on defense as well as offense. And every section is designed to…

Give You The

Confidence And Skill

To Mollywop People In The Position

That’s the goal.

I want to help you transform your half guard into a weapon so powerful that no one ever wants to force the position on you again. Hell, they’ll want to run away. Any notion of smashing you and grinding your face into the mat will vanish into thin air. Hell, even those guys who used to get giddy with anticipation every time you went for the underhook will now feel the ice cold sweat of fear.


I can’t wait until you cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!


Some of the lessons inside include:

 The one range in half guard that spells your doom if you get caught there. (This is something that is rarely taught but if you’re playing in this zone, only death awaits ya. Not only will you be subject to outright underhook thievery but the choke threats are also fast and lethal.)

 A thorough breakdown of many micro positions in the half guard and the principles behind what you should focus on in those situations. (The half is more than just the underhook, and you have to be strong everywhere if you wish to be a true half guardian.)

 Some small adjustments to the kneeshield that will make the position more stable and lethal. (Stop those guys who leg weave and sprawl in their tracks.)

 What to do when someone forces over under from within your half guard. (Not only are there easy ways to kill the threat of the pass but there are some downright sneaky attacks there.)

Exactly where you should play your underhook in order to neutralize the wizzer and stop wrestlers dead in their tracks. (This little adjustment has been an absolute game changer for me. It has allowed me to utter demolish people even when they play a strong overhook game on top.)

Many sneaky little ways to break your opponent’s structure and make your attacks almost effortless. (These little “tricks” are what really take the game to a higher level. And understanding the principles behind them will expand your game to the heavens.)

A stupid simple way to get back onto your side after you lose angle and get your face smashed into the mat. (Yes, it happens far too often. But just wait, you’re going to learn how to deal with it.)

A whole strategy for getting the underhook back from a wide variety of situations. (These tactics give confidence to truly play the position with abandon, because you only know that you can reset if you mess up.)

 How opponents will attack your guard and exactly what you can do about it. (We’re going to delve into the mindset of an opponent and break down their tactics at a deep level.)

 Exactly what you can do to finish the waiter sweep even when your opponent bases out on their hand. (In fact, I’ll show you two adjustments that you can make there that are so simple that you’d kick yourself for not figuring it out sooner.)

 And one of the best ways to disrupt an opponent’s base in half guard and many attack options off of that setup. (I’ve had ridiculous amounts of success with it, and I consider it one of the foundations of my game.)

 Uncommon attacks from the deep half waiter position, including a sneaky triangle that will just creep up and curb storm your opponents. (I’ve shown it in demo videos at fast speed, but I break it down in the course, and it’s not as flashy as it seems.)

But hang on… that’s not all.

When you enroll in the course, you also get:

Unlimited updates at no additional cost. (Whenever I discover an improvement that can be made to the system or a hole that has to be addressed, I’ll improve the course.)

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A Few Things Said About the Course

I just want to commend you on your excellent half guard series. Half guard became my go to guard about two years ago. I studied DVD sets from some of the great half guard players - Faria, Hall, Leite, (and Bravo on YouTube). As great as they are teaching offense once you get into half guard, none of them covered range, entries, and defense as extensively as you do. After establishing a strong half guard position, I've had some success in mounting an offense by utilizing the techniques taught in the DVD sets mentioned. However my biggest obstacle has always been my entries into half guard. And as you can probably imagine, without a good knowledge of entries, a lot of times I'd end up getting stuck in bad positions and not know what to do from there. Basically my half guard game is literally hit or miss depending on whether I get lucky with the entry. Course 1 that covers range and Course 2 that defense is just what the doctor ordered! Watching courses 1 & 2 brought so many "AHA!" moments on what I've been doing wrong with my entries and what I should be doing on defense. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in any way knocking any of the other half guard sets on the market because they are great and have been extremely helpful to me. However, your in-depth instruction FROM THE GROUND UP is what stands out from the rest and will be the most helpful to me personally. I can finally start building the foundation that has always been missing from my half guard game. Thank you for that, Professor Brown!

Manuel Lazaro

Manuel Lazaro