Sep 12

Give em a choice between a rock and a hard place

The transitions were fast and furious. And sweat was pouring on the mat. Suddenly, there was an almost pass. He cleared the legs and was fighting to stabilize the position.

But then it happened…

Woosh, a quick transition led to a new position, and the action slowed down. The guy on top couldn’t escape. He moved here. He moved there. He tried to frame. He tried to pummel.

None of it worked.

Unfortunately (depending on your perspective), he had just fallen into an offensive loop.

Frantically, he defended against one attack but another followed right after and yet another after that one. It was endless, and eventually he succumbed to the barrage.

That story is a little dramatic (just a wee bit) but it highlights the power of offensive loops.

You can create situations where you can entrap an opponent in your web and just suffocate them with offense. And the key to accomplishing that feat lies in understanding defense as much as you understand offense.

No matter what you do, there will be a response.

And if your understanding of defense is deep and profound, the response is predictable. And anything you can predict, you can counter.

Today, I’m going to share a lesson with you from my underhook half guard course. It focuses on an easy offensive loop that I’ve been punishing people with for the last few weeks. And you’ll be able to do the same exact thing.

Study well: