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My personal thoughts about various subjects related to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Feb 21

This world deserves a better class of grappler

“This city needs a better class of criminal. And I’m going to give it to them.” – The Joker in the Dark Knight In the comic book world, there are countless villains. Most of them have incredible powers and the pure carnage they can unleash with ease is simply astonishing. But one in particular looms …

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Jan 23

Building a firm foundation in a non-ideal environment

Behold this message that came in on the book of faces recently from Mike Lamarche: “I come from a small town in Ontario where jiu-jitsu is a couple hours away. Our dojo had open up and we kind of do self training also video tutorials from out affiliate Chino Jiu-jitsu. I just wanted to know …

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Jan 18

Granbying through the universe

In some far flung corner of the interwebz, a video of mine has resurfaced. I stumbled upon it by chance, and the very first thing I noticed is that small changes had been made. It was clearly not in its original form. Know what though? I’m not even mad. In fact, it’s interesting. That video …

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Jan 16

When the snake strykes, you only hear the hyss

I used to be quite the fisherman. Yes, it’s true. As a young buck, me and my rowdy crew used to near the water almost every day. There were two spots that we used to hit the most. One was behind our neighborhood. You had to weave through a hidden trail through the forest, and …

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Mar 16

Watch out, a sleeping tiger is awakening within Senegal

Over the past thirty¬†years, Jiu-jitsu has spread across the globe, reaching places far and wide. The growth of the art has been extraordinary. But has it reached its full potential? No. Not even close. There are still so much of the world that has no idea that Jiu-jitsu exists. They have no idea of the …

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Apr 18

Triangles, triangles oh boy

Earlier today, I taught a seminar at Randori on how to improve your finish rate with triangles, and this post is about what was covered. Overview The seed of innovation lies in the deep understanding of fundamentals. That’s why we looked at the triangle from a variety of angles in order to create that seed. …

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