Category: Concepts

This section is all about concepts that can be applied to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. If you understand the concept, you can create the methods.

Feb 08

Don’t sleep on the reverse figure four

In the heavier divisions, more than once, I’ve seen a certain tactic. A guy will feed his arm inside the legs… Yup. One arm in, one arm out. It’s the breaking of a fundamental rule, but they don’t do it because they know no better. Nope. They know exactly what they’re doing. In fact, it’s …

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Feb 05

The first thing I would teach about guard retention

There are many ways to pass the guard. Let us count a few: * You can go over the legs (over under) * You can go around the legs (bullfight/torreando, leg pin, leg drag, etc) * You can go through the legs (knee cut) * You can go under legs (double under, over under) The …

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Feb 04

Subverting expectations like a true master (or troll)

I have no love for the new Star Wars movie, Last Jedi. No other movie has ever made me such strong negative emotions. From the opening scene onward, there were so many moments that made me shake my head. In fact, when it was all over, I had to wonder if I really saw what …

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Jan 30

A deep half micro battle

Years ago, one of my training partners (a fellow player of the deep half gyard), made a catastrophic blunder and paid for it. Yup, he ended up getting cross choked to the edge of oblivion. Why? It’s because he lost the crucial micro battle for head position and angle in the position. He allowed his …

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Jan 23

A small grip that made all the difference

A few months back, two high profile matches happened almost side by side. They weren’t at the same event, but the time between them was almost inconsequential. What was interesting about them though is that at one point the same exact situation occurred, but the outcome was totally different. Why? It’s because of one small …

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