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Jul 28

There’s no such thing as a mistake on the mat

Two roared out onto the mat, slapped hands, and then after a flurry of activity, only one hand was raised. That was a familiar scene at the New York Open. It happened countless times, and it is the one thing that you can predict in competition. There will be a result. And when you’re in …

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Apr 11

Growth minded competitors can’t be stopped

A grand challenge lies before me, and there is one person more than anyone else who will decide whether I succeed or not. At birth, we shared the same name. And even now, there is no one that I know better because that person is none other than ME. From the point forward, I will take …

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Jan 18

Josh Vogel talks about the fusion of movement and jiu-jitsu

Intro by Ken The following is a guest post by Josh Vogel. He’s a black belt under the Migliarese brothers, a Level 2 Certified Movnat coach, and a Level 1 Kettlebell Athletics coach. And in addition to that he’s also a contributor to Breaking Muscle and the author of the Sloth Report. In this post, …

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Nov 05

Rundown of What Went Down at the No-Gi Worlds

Rundown of What Went Down at the No-Gi Worlds

I had a plan. It was simple and elegant. It just didn’t work out the way that I wanted it to. Oh no, I’m not talking about the tournament yet. We’ll get there, but first we’re going to go a little further back in time to that Friday night. I arrived in Los Angeles around …

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Oct 06

The Game of Inches in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Competition

I have a little story to tell you. Several months ago, I had the opportunity to be present when Tom Brands gave a talk on the Iowa mindset. There were many gems of wisdom in that speech, and I’m going to focus on one of them today. It’s the idea that the distance between 1st and …

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