Sep 19

The most basic of underhook half offensive loops

The first game that any half guardian worth their salt must develop is the underhook game.

Just having one attack there won’t serve you that well though. Eventually, you’ll run into those base gods that make coming up to knees and driving across an arduous task.

That’s why the easiest way to improve your offense in the position (other than small positional tweaks like connecting the shoulder and head to their body) lies in creating a continuous flow between the two basic attacks.

The knee tap and the shovel sweep are a natural loop.

Why though?

Well, it’s because they are attacks that take advantage of each other’s common defensive response.

Case in point:

When you have that good underhook, head position, and hip rotation through controlling the ankle, nothing is easier than coming up to the knees and driving across for the knee tap.

But you’ll run into people who have strong overhooks and the ability to easily adjust their base and pressure to deal with the threat. Sometimes, you can’t reach the knee. Or their driving pressure is just too strong.

That’s the perfect situation to lock down on that overhook and roll under for the shovel.

And if somehow, somehow they stop it, you can just roll back the other way and come right back up for the knee tap.

That’s a loop right back.

Just back and forth until they can’t react in time.

And if you’re savvy, you’ll start paying attention to what happens when someone stops one of your attacks. Usually, there’s another opportunity somewhere, you just have to notice it and take advantage.

Anyway, this loop and more are broken down up in my half gyardy course.

Just distract the guards with some scantily clad women and slip inside here: