Jan 09

What Are Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Gyms Really Selling

What Are Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Gyms Really Selling

One thing that I really enjoy is taking ideas from diverse sources and applying them to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  If you read enough posts here, you probably already noticed that trend.

This post will be another example of that because I was recently exposed to a very interesting concept about business. It’s all about a simple five word question that every business should ask themselves.

The question is:

What are we really selling?

The goal of that question is to shift the focus from the product to how customers perceive the value of the product. For example, if you sold trash bags, are you really selling trash bags?  No, because no one buys a trash bag just to have them.

You’re selling a cleaner house. You’re selling a cleaner car. You’re selling a cleaner environment.  You’re selling the desired result, and the trash bag is just a tool used to achieve it.

Now it doesn’t end there. There’s also the reason why a certain result is desired, and you can go deeper and deeper there until the reason is very specific.

Here’s a quick example.

Product: Trash bag

Basic desired result: Clean house

Possible reason why: To attain peace of mind.

Possible reason why: To avoid criticism of visiting relatives or friends.

Possible reason why: To find lost possessions.

The closer you get to articulating a customer’s specific reason why and proving that your product can help them achieve the result they desire, the more likely they will be to see the value in your product.

It’s a simple concept, and we’re going to look at Brazilian Jiu-jitsu through those lens.

What’s Really Being Highlighted

This will be a comparison of the homepages of three different gym websites.

I chose them by just going on Google and typing in BJJ. Then I picked three from the local results.

Also this analysis will not be about which gym has the best program. It’s just about the messages they present to their potential customers at  that first level of contact.

If I were to compare the programs, it wouldn’t be fair. I’ve trained at two of  the gyms, and I’m biased.

Team Maryland BJJ

This gym has a explicit list of benefits with a clear association to new years resolutions. So it can be assumed that it is a seasonal message, but let’s look at it.

  1. Lose weight
  2. Bullyproof your child
  3. Learn Self Defense
  4. Increase my self confidence
  5. Increase my mental and physical health

Then there’s a offer to assist with all those resolutions.

These are all basic desired results. In this list, I couldn’t see any reasons why any of these results would be desired.

Check out the page yourself.

Crazy 88 BJJ

Every month, 60+ people sign up at Crazy 88 to learn how to protect themselves, get the physique they always wanted, and master Mixed Martial Arts.

Let’s break that down.

To learn how to protect themselves: This is a reason why someone would want to learn self-defense.

Get the physique they always wanted: This is another reason why. This time the focus is on weight loss and fitness.

Master Mixed Martial Arts: This is a desired result with niche appeal.

Every month, 60+ people sign up: This is a proof element. The intent is to say that many people have already found value in the program.

After that a training highlight video is shown, and that’s another proof element. It’s a visual demonstration of what you can learn if you sign up.

Check out the page yourself.

Baltimore Martial Arts Academy

At the Baltimore Martial Arts Academy™ we want to give you the confidence and inner strength that only a dedicated martial artist can earn. This confidence will guide you through tough times and support virtually every aspect of your life outside the gym. At the same time your martial arts training will forge new friendships and a new physique — all in a safe, friendly, fun atmosphere.

On that whole first page, this is the most compelling paragraph. It’s a shame that it’s hidden in the middle of the page.

Let’s break it down.

Give you the confidence and inner strength: This is a desired result.

That only a dedicated martial artist can earn: This is a general proof element.

Guide you through tough times and support every aspect of your life: Here’s a reason why gaining confidence will help you.

Forge new friendships and a new physique: Here’s both a desired result and a basic reason why.

There’s a video on this page too, and it includes training footage as well.

Check out the page yourself.

 The Reason Why

Ultimately, when you focus on the reason why certain results are desired, you are in fact focusing on relevancy.  So when you look at these websites, the question is how relevant are they making their product right away.

Which one would compel you to look deeper for more information if you had no idea what Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was?

If you’re passionate about expanding and spreading the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, these are the type of questions that should be thought about. BJJ isn’t an easy sell, but that’s not because it doesn’t have value.

It has a lot of value.

We just have to make it absolutely clear.