Feb 21

This world deserves a better class of grappler

“This city needs a better class of criminal.
And I’m going to give it to them.”

– The Joker in the Dark Knight

In the comic book world, there are countless villains. Most of them have incredible powers and the pure carnage they can unleash with ease is simply astonishing.

But one in particular looms larger than life.

He’s a bit of an oddity though.

He can’t shoot beams out of his eyes, move at the speed of light, or do any other extraordinary feat of power.


But with everything he does, love him or hate him, he commands the stage. All eyes swivel to watch his every move. And friend and foe alike, fear him. Hell, it can even be said that he is one of the most dangerous villains of all.

He’s the Joker.

And I’ll tell you something that may seem ridiculous at first.

You should study him.

Wait, wait.

I’m not saying that you should aspire to be a psychopath or a wanton murderer of countless innocents. But there are, indeed, lessons that can be outright stolen from the Joker that will make you far more dangerous on the mat.

Let’s name a few.


…imbue humor into everything you do. Having fun on the mat makes the experience better, and that’s true for more than just you. It can make those hard training days enjoyable and increase the bonds of your team which is definitely to your benefit and the benefit of your game.


…make you enemies react to you. Lead them around by the nose like a puppet master directs his puppets. Their very best response in any situation should be exactly the one you want them to make, and it should lead directly to their doom with them being none the wiser. And whenever you wish, change the rules on a dime, and keep them all dancing to your beat.


…keep expanding your ambitions. This game is endless, and there is always something more to aspire to. Escalate, escalate and escalate, and reach as far as you can. Excellence is the goal and nothing less.


..think deeper than anyone else. Your plans should be elaborate and impossible to figure out. While others are thinking one or two moves ahead, and you should be planning their demise from beginning to end even if 50 moves are required for that outcome to be achieved.


…fear nothing. There are times when you will fail but it is better to do so in the arena than on the sidelines. Embrace all the challenges and conquer them one after the other. That’s the only way to stand above all the riff raff and common criminals.

These and other attributes are the reasons why Joker is considered to be one of the most dangerous villains in the history of comics.

And just like Gotham deserved a better class of criminal, this world deserves a better class of grappler.

It’s time for you to give it to them.

And in addition to studying the Joker and learning the best of his wicked ways, I encourage you to focus on the endgame in jiu-jitsu.

Just like chess, when you understand the endgame, it gives your overall strategy greater depth and complexity. You know what you want to achieve, and you can reverse engineer the steps to get there.

That’s what Joker does when he sets in motion elaborate and complex plans for creating mayhem and chaos. He starts with the goal and then approaches the execution with unorthodox and unpredictable tactics.

And that is the core objective of the Submission Proof course.

…to increase your understanding of submissions and improve your ability to recognize threats, escape danger and also improve your ability to attack as well by showing you more offensive possibilities.

In short, it’s not for the run-of-the-mill kind of grappler.

But if you’re not about that life, here’s where to get started: