Nov 22

How to Hit a Sneaky Triangle Choke from Half Guard

Some time ago, I put a little informal technical lesson on video and shared it only with those who have signed up for the BJJ Canvas Newsletter. Generally, I prefer to do that over posting technique, but I’m making an exception here.

Half Guard Triangle Entry

The technique is a transition from half guard into the triangle. I’ve used quite a bit, and it has definitely surprised people.

Let’s start off with highlighting some of the details.

  • That first movement is all about shooting your hip down. It forces your opponent to straighten their leg and also puts you in a more offensive position. It’s not only easier to hook the leg but it’s also easier to transition to deep half there.
  • Once you hook the leg and come up to your knees, the simple and effective kneetap sweep is generally there. But there are times, when you can’t get it. Maybe your opponent is driving into you or their far leg is based out. In those situations, this triangle is a great tool. Once you decide to go for it though, your underhook has to go up to their collar and you want to shoot your outside leg as high as possible onto their back.
  • The higher your leg is on their back, the more of your weight that they will have to carry. It will make it harder for them to move, while also making it easier for you to move your other leg.


One of the best times to hit this is when your opponent drives into you after you come up to your knees with the underhook. If you time it right, they’ll actually just fall into the triangle. Then you can put them in that fundamental offensive loop of triangle<>armbar<>omoplata.

You don’t need that reaction to hit the triangle, but it makes it easier.


I picked up the triangle entry piece from Caio Terra’s 111 Half Guard Set. The only thing I changed was the initial entry. That little hip movement is very useful, and if you take nothing else away from this, I think that that will help you a lot in half guard.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.