Mar 18

The strongest armbar setup grip I know for no-gi

The other day, I was about the grip I prefer for setting up the armbar in no-gi, so I after an open mat, I jumped on the good ol’ book of faces and went live.

This grip was only showed to me once.

That was enough though.

I had to see once to know that my armbar setups would never be the same. It was a game changer, and it blew my mind in an instant. Fundamentally though, it’s built on solid principles.

In any situation where you can put someone close to a submission, you limit the force they can create and the movement that they’re capable. And right here, you’re creating instant pressure on the shoulder that is similar to the shoulder lock.

It’s not quite enough to finish, but it’s enough to control.

And once you feel the control you have with that grip, it changes a lot.

In the gi though, I still prefer to play with the lapel.


It’s because it opens up my attack options far beyond just the armbar, and the deets on the best system I use can be found here: