Aug 10

Some Say That No White Belt Should Watch This

Chuck Anzalone's DVD Series

With that headline, I guess it would be quite appropriate to tell you which instructional I’m talking right off the bat. The instructional is called Tornado Roll and Inverted Guard, and it was done by Chuck Anzalone. I watched it way back when I was a white belt.

Even given the fact that the topic matter isn’t likely to place high on anyone’s list for white belt basics, I learned some crucial lessons from the experience. It created the desire in me to learn how to granby roll but also gave me the tools to accomplish that goal in the form of some simple drills.

There was even a period of a few weeks where my main focus was those drills. That’s probably why I succeeded in attaining the ability to do the 180 granby smoothly. Also even now I still have the omoplata, triangle, and armbar series that I picked up from this instructional.

So now let’s go into the format of the instructional.  There are four sections. I will add more detail to each section below. I also included some notes to show when the section starts and how the drills and techniques are numbered.

A Conversation with Chuck

This is a interview where Chuck answers questions about his background among other things. There are definitely some interesting parts. Some of the questions are:

How did you get started in BJJ?

What was your relationship with Carlson like?

Why did you want to do a video on this material?

Part One:  Drills (16:29 1-12)

This section is all about developing the granby rolls, and it is filled with drills obviously. One great thing about the structure here is that there is a clear progression.  The drills start off easy then steadily increase in difficulty as you get closer and closer to the actual roll and some of its applications.

Part Two: Applying the Tornado Roll to Familiar Positions (34:40 13-23)

This section has numerous techniques that incorporate the granby movement. I will list them.


Finishing the Armbar using the Tornado Roll

Escaping North/South using the Tornado Roll

Escaping the Turtle Position using Tornado Roll

Using the Tornado Roll to Maintain Your Guard

Omoplata using the Tornado Roll

Recomposing the Omoplata using the Tornado Roll

Triangle Choke using the Tornado Roll

Controlling the Arm: Omoplata vs Triangle

Armbar using the Tornado Roll

Taking the Back using the Tornado Roll

Shoulder Lock from Half Guard using the Tornado Roll

Part Three: Inverted Guard (58:17 24-39)


Details on using the Tornado Roll to Invert

Inverting from the Open Guard

Controlling the Inverted Guard Position

Omoplata from Inverted Guard

Triangle Choke from Inverted Guard

Armbar from Inverted Guard

Kneebar from Inverted Guard

Footlock from Inverted Guard

50/50 Heel Hook from Inverted Guard

Taking the Back from Inverted Guard

Counter for When Your Opponent Tries to Take Your Back

Taking the Back When Your Opponent Stays Low

Inverted Guard Sweep from Half Guard

Inverted Guard Sweep from Cross Guard

Sweep from Closed Inverted Guard

Kneebar from Closed Inverted Guard

Closing Comments

The last time I watched this instructional was when I was a white belt. My perspective has changed since then because I have far more knowledge to associate with the material, but the instructional stands the test of time.

Unfortunately, it is no longer available but some of the material can be found on Youtube at Chuck Anzalone’s page: Buffalo BJJ.