Apr 19

Solid side control Isnever static

I’m in the process of developing several defensive sequences for escaping side control.

Frankly, I’ve gotten tired of seeing so many people struggle helplessly, and the reason behind that is that most often escapes are taught only for the most ideal of circumstances. The most flagrant example is when the person on top is just holding the position on their knees (that’s not true side control).

Not only are you more likely to feel shoulder pressure from hell but also their hips are going to be low, the space is going to be small, and you’re going to feel almost all of their weight.

It’s entirely different situation than most people experience when they drill escapes.

Then on top of that, they aren’t going to be static.

They will move.

As you desperately try to escape, they will adjust their position to maintain control and make you suffer all the more. But escape is still possible. Every adjustment comes with an opportunity. It just has to be seen and taken advantage of.

And that’s where my attention is focused at the moment.

Above, you’ll also get the opportunity to see a small bit of what’s currently in the lab, and soon, very soon, it will all be added to the side control ghosting course.

Here’s where you can find out more about it: