Kenneth Brown BJJ Seminars and Private Lessons

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With Improving Your Skill?

The Jiu-jitsu game is fun.Kenneth Brown BJJ Seminars and Private Lessons

There are many intricacies. And there’s never a point where you can’t learn something new. That’s what keep me fascinated!

And I want to give you access to all the insights I’ve gained so far.

All you have to do is ask questions.

If I have knowledge that is relevant to you, I’m more than willing to share. And even in the absence of a ready answer, I’ll take it to the lab and figure it out.

Problems abound in this art, and coming up with solutions is the best part of training. And we have tools to help with that process.

They’re called concepts and movements.

They are building blocks that bind technique together and allow us to create connections between many diverse pieces of the puzzle.

I want to give you a better understanding of those fundamentals so that you benefit in a massive way.


If you’re interested in having me come out and teach a seminar at your gym, contact me, and we can discuss all the details, develop a plan of action and set clear objectives. I am also available for any projects related to the art.

 Upcoming Seminars

Private Lessons

If you’re in the Maryland area, contact me for one-on-one or small group sessions. Hell, even if you aren’t in the area, you can feel free to ask me anything related to the art. I always have time for such discussions because I love the art, and if you love it too, we will always have a connection.