Mar 22

Vince Quitugua’s Lost Techniques Of The Half Guard

Cover Art for the Lost Techniques of the Half Guard

I first studied this instructional a few years ago, and the only things that stuck with me were the London and Golden Gate sweeps in their basic forms. Now that I have more knowledge to associate with the material,  I can appreciate how much more great technique is available on the Lost Techniques.

The instructional begins with interviews by Vince Quitugua and Mauricio Mariano on how Vince’s half guard developed. Then it moves on to actual instruction, which is pretty straightforward, but there is a lot of time spent demonstrating technique and explaining the concepts behind them.

In fact,  the best part of the instruction method can be found in the level of focus on situations. For example,  he spends a good amount of time showing adjustments that can be made to the London and Golden Gate sweeps to make them work against a opponent’s common reactions.


Mount Escape to Half Guard
S Mount Escape to Half Guard
Low Mount Escape
Back Escape to Half Guard
Side Mount Escape to Half Guard
Knee On Belly Escape to Half Guard
Turtle Guard Transition to Half Guard
Half Guard Recovery Concepts

London Bridge Sweep
Golden Gate Bridge Sweep
London Sweep Situational Applications
Golden Gate Sweep Situational Applications

Headlock Sweep
Tail Sweep
Kimura Bait to the Back
Knee Cut Counter
Butterfly Reset to Half Guard
Knee Shifter Reset
Knee Shifter Sweep
Elevator Hook Sweep
Back Flop London Sweep
Mount Bait to Bridge Sweep
Wrestler Pass Counters