Mar 04

Royler Gracie’s competition tested techniques set

Royler Gracie Instructional

Competition tested techniques is like no other instructional that I have ever seen. I say that not because of the techniques, which are undeniably great, but because of the format, which is quite unique.

First of all, every technique demonstrated is preceded by footage of Royler Gracie applying the technique or close to it in competition. So you can see each technique applied with or without resistance.

The next element of uniqueness is that Royler Gracie doesn’t spend any time explaining the techniques himself. Instead he focuses only on demonstrating each technique over and over again from multiple angles while the explanation is done by voice-over.

Another feature of this set can be found in the summary that concludes each instructional video. In that section, each technique is demonstrated again in order, which gives a quick reference tool for the whole video.

Then there are also the bonus videos, which are quite interesting to watch, and mini documentaries at the start of each instructional about Royler Gracie and his life.


Disc 1: Throws and Sweeps

  1. Ippon Seoi Nage To Single Leg Far Leg Trip
  2. Ko Ouchi Gari Variation
  3. Ouchi Gari Variation
  4. Kosoto Gari Variation
  5. Opponent Grabs The Leg: Sumi Gaeshi
  6. Opponent Sits Up And Controls The Leg: Base And Posture
  7. Opponent Controls The Leg: Reversal
  8. Arm Drag To Taking The Back
  9. Sitting Guard Arm Trap Sweep
  10. Sitting Guard To Heel Trip Reversal
  11. Sitting Guard Hook On The Hip Sweep

Disc 2: Guard and Half-Guard Passes

  1. Opening The Closed Guard: Standing Up
  2. Posture and Sweep Defense Inside The Closed Guard
  3. Guard Pass From Standing
  4. Guard Pass From The Knees
  5. Guard Pass From The Knees: Variation
  6. Fan Guard Pass
  7. Cross Knee Pass
  8. Cross Knee Pass To Mount
  9. Half Guard Pass: Shooting The Leg
  10. Half Guard Pass: Under Hook

Disc 3: Mount and Back Positions

  1. Cross-Side To Mount Position
  2. Choke From The Mount Position
  3. Double Attack From The Mount Position
  4. Mount Position To Choke From The Back
  5. Guard Pass To Choke From The Back
  6. Collar Choke From The Back Position
  7. Guard Replacement From The Turtle Position
  8. Sweep From The Turtle Position
  9. Escaping The Back One
  10. Escaping The Back Two

Disc 4: Submissions

  1. Arm Lock From Side Control 1
  2. Arm Lock From Side Control 2
  3. Guard Pass To Arm Lock
  4. Arm Lock From The Back Position
  5. Inverted Arm Lock From The Mount
  6. Arm Lock From The Half Guard
  7. Arm Lock To Triangle Transition
  8. Triangle From The Guard
  9. Triangle From The Mount Position
  10. Lapel Choke From Side Control


Disc 1: Throws and Sweeps

A series of clips are shown of a Gracie Humaita class where and Royler Gracie are teaching class. You not only get the chance to see how they taught some technique, but also you get to see several black belts rolling.

Disc 2: Guard and Half-Guard Passes

Here you’ll see a one-on-one training session between Royler Gracie and Wellington “Megaton” Dias. They work a series of drills together and then roll for a good period. At points you’ll see Royler attempt or apply some techniques shown in the instructional set.

Disc 3: Mount and Back Positions

In this bonus, Royler is demonstrating Brazilian Jiu-jitsu self defense techniques with one of his daughters.

Disc 4: Submissions

Once again, a Gracie Humaita class is shown, but this time Rolker Gracie is teaching and Royler is just participating.  Some techniques are shown, but again, the gem is seeing Royler Gracie rolling and attempting techniques that were shown on the instructional on other black belts.

Overall, it’s just a really unique presentation method for a instructional, and it would be quite interesting if more of them were made similar to this.