Mar 26

Review of Jacare’s BJJ Instructional

JacareInstructional Review of Jacares BJJ Instructional

I’ve had this set for awhile now but it wasn’t until recently that I actually sat down and watched it all. I wish I had done so earlier since there is a lot of great technique on it.

The instructional is split into four parts, which include takedowns, guard passes, submissions, and sweeps. Some of the techniques are even demonstrated in competition or against some resistance.  Also here and there, Jacare focuses on why he uses certain grips rather than others.

One thing is note is that Jacare does the explanation in Portuguese, while a voice-over is done over that in English. it is still easy to understand what’s being explained though

For me, the most interesting things were the grips he was using in multiple positions and how smooth his weight distribution was throughout the movements. Altogether, it’s great material to study.


Takedown Strategy

Taking the Back
Ankle Pick
Addressing the Opponent
Ankle Pick Variation
Variation on Morote Seoinage
Counter to Single Leg
Reversal from Failed Double Leg
Fireman Throw
Variation on Fireman
Foot on Hip Throw

Passing the Guard

Passing the Butterfly
Passing the Butterfly 2
Passing the Butterfly 3
Passing the Spider Guard
Opening the Closed Guard
Variation on the Closed Guard
Knee in the Middle to Omoplata
Passing the Situp Guard
Passing the Half Guard
Passing the Open Guard

Submission Strategy

Ezekiel Choke
Armlock from Side Control
Triangle from Open Guard
Armbar from Mount
Rear Ezekiel Choke
Gi Choke
The Wrist Lock
Armbar from North South
Gi Choke 2
Triple Attack from the Mount
Kimura from the Turtle
Clock Choke

Sweep Strategy

From the Closed Guard
Armdrag Sweep
From the Situp Guard
From the Turtle
From the Turtle 2
Sweeping from the Butterfly
Sweeping from the Butterfly 2
Sweeping from the Butterfly 3
From the Closed Guard 2
From the Situp Guard 2
From the Double Sleeve Guard
From the Situp Guard 3


  1. Minh Dang

    I would like to buy it from you. Is it in good condition?

    1. Kenneth Brown

      I’m not selling it, but I’m sure that if you look, you might be able to find someone who is.

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