Resources for Jiu-jitsu Enthusiasts

These are my favorite resources for improving learning and inspiring creativity in Jiu-jitsu.… enjoy!

Learning Tools

  • SimpleMind+:  The process of mind mapping makes taking fun and effective. As you create a map, you can see the associations between different ideas, and it makes it easier to make the same mental connections in your mind. I’ve experimented with several tools. This one was the best because it’s functional, cheap and portable. Go try it out. There’s no doubt that it will help you accelerate your learning.
  • Blinkist: There are millions of books out there, and it’s impossible to read every one of them, but you never know which ones have ideas that are crucial to you. Blinkist helps you solve that problem by summarizing the key insights of books in bite sized reading chunks. That allows you to acquire a firm understanding of what’s valuable in periods of twenty minutes or less. I love it, and I use it religiously.
  • Evernote: If there is a pure note-taking tool better than Evernote, I don’t know about it. When I’m not mapping, I’m using Evernote, because the interface is intuitive and all my notes are accessible from multiple devices. It’s easy to use, and the process of writing things down will cement knowledge into your mind.


  • Jits Magazine: The magazine is focused on digging deeper and reaching further to reveal the culture that surrounds our art. You can also  find profiles of all the big names and get insight into how they approach the game. It’s a good magazine.