Mar 15

Paragon BJJ: secrets of our success instructional review

Secrets of Our Success is unique in that it is like a collection of mini instructionals instead of just one. When you watch it, you get a lot of different perspectives on one DVD.

Now since each of the Paragon elite are showing their favorite techniques, it can seem a little disorganized. Just understand that the main benefit of watching this instructional is to introduce yourself to a wider range of possibilities rather than to work on a specific position.

There is however a area where organization does come into play, and it can be found in the presentation. The menu system on the set is well developed, and it is quite easy to find and review specific techniques with ease.

Also all the instruction follows a similar pattern. They begin with a demonstration, followed by a explanation with demonstration, and then finish with a slow motion demonstration. The one small exception to this is in Aurelio Gallegos Jr’s section, where he does the first demonstration against some resistance.

In addition to the main course, so to speak, there are some interviews with most of the Paragon members on the set, and those were actually quite interesting. Then there are some bonus techniques shown by Bill Cooper and Jeff Glover, as well some bloopers from the production.

Now some time has past since this set was made, but I couldn’t find any techniques on it that weren’t still relevant.


Ricardo Miller

Guard Pass to Side Control
Guard Pass to Mount
Guard Pass Counter
Choke & Armbar
Paragon Half Guard

Tyrone Glover

Sweep (Front Headlock Transition to Side Control)
Mount Escape
Triangle (Finish Variation)
Open Guard Pass
Toe Hold

Jeff Glover

Arm Triangle #1
Arm Triangle #2
Arm Triangle #3
Arm Triangle #4
Arm Triangle #5

Adam Benshea

Guard Pass
Spinning Armbar
Hugging Armbar 1
Hugging Armbar 2

Bill Cooper

Arm Spin (Front Headlock Reversal)
Arm Spin to Arm Triangle
Flying Triangle
Pop-in Triangle
Guard Pass

Aurelio Gallegos Jr

Knee Slide Guard Pass
Counter to Knee Slide
Fly Trap to Sweep
Fly Trap to Kneebar
Bear Trap to Mount

Lalo Salazar

Back Attack
Bow & Arrow Choke
Side Choke
Sweep (Omoplata Sweep)
Spin Choke