Jul 30

Drills for Developing Knee on Belly Flow and Control

Drills for Developing the Knee on Belly Position

Here’s a collection of good videos that focus on drills that can be done for the knee on belly position. A few cover the same material, but it is good to look at things from different perspective sometimes. Jason Scully incorporates the knee on belly position in a transitional drill. One thing that is really …

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Jul 23

Embrace the Process


It’s time to believe that you are in the process of becoming great. The key word there is process because every day there is the opportunity to move forward or backward. No other option exists. If you have the mindset that nothing stays the same and everything is always changing, it becomes easier to not …

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Jul 14

Learning Approaches


I recently read the Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin, and in it there is a section about learning approaches and how they differ. Two categories were established. The first was labeled entity, and the second was called incremental. In the entity learning process, individuals determined their ability to learn or perform based on their …

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Jun 17

Looking at Soldierfit through the Prism


I’ve recently had the opportunity to start building a partnership with Soldierfit. It’s a company that is focused on helping people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, and I am very proud to represent it since there is no doubt that they do good work. Just saying that they do good work isn’t enough …

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May 20

The Benefits of Competition

The Benefits of Competition

Considering the nature of this site, the focus will be on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition, but the concepts can be applied across the spectrum. I’m going to highlight some of the benefits you can attain if you just go out there, compete, and do it often. Improves Your Ability to Maintain Calm in Adverse Situations Now …

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Mar 26

Review of Jacare’s BJJ Instructional

Cover Art for the Instructional

I’ve had this set for awhile now but it wasn’t until recently that I actually sat down and watched it all. I wish I had done so earlier since there is a lot of great technique on it. The instructional is split into four parts, which include takedowns, guard passes, submissions, and sweeps. Some of …

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Mar 23

Thought Process on Teaching Private Lessons

The goal is simple. It involves two primary parts. The first is to clearly establish with the student what they want to accomplish in the session, and then help them achieve that goal to the best degree possible in the time frame available. Now of those two parts, the second tends to be one that …

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Mar 22

Vince Quitugua’s Lost Techniques Of The Half Guard

Cover Art for the Lost Techniques of the Half Guard

I first studied this instructional a few years ago, and the only things that stuck with me were the London and Golden Gate sweeps in their basic forms. Now that I have more knowledge to associate with the material,  I can appreciate how much more great technique is available on the Lost Techniques. The instructional …

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Mar 18

An Ever Growing List of Meaningful Quotes That You Can Apply

Meaningful Quotes

Updated: May 31, 2014 I want to share something on the motivation side of things. It’s simply a compilation of various incredibly meaningful quotes that I was exposed to as a result of being a member of Evolve Academy. I am only pulling these quotes from the Evolve newsletters. It will be updated over time. If you’re …

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Mar 15

Paragon BJJ: Secrets of Our Success Instructional Review


Secrets of Our Success is unique in that it is like a collection of mini instructionals instead of just one. When you watch it, you get a lot of different perspectives on one DVD. Now since each of the Paragon elite are showing their favorite techniques, it can seem a little disorganized. Just understand that …

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Mar 04

Royler Gracie’s Competition Tested Techniques Set


Competition Tested Techniques is like no other instructional that I have ever seen. I say that not because of the techniques, which are undeniably great, but because of the format, which is quite unique. First of all, every technique demonstrated is preceded by footage of Royler Gracie applying the technique or close to it in …

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Dec 22

Just Discovered a Great Resource for BJJ Partner Drills

Faixa Preta Series Volume 1 180 Partner Drills

I have a high level of interest in partner drills because they are undeniably useful in developing both skill and conditioning. In addition,  once you get the hang of them the drills can be quite fun. So they can serve as a good distraction from the fact that you are doing work, and that’s always great. Now …

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Nov 12

Developing the Hook Game for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

For many years, I had a lot of trouble sitting on my heels. So that was a range of flexibility I just didn’t have. It’s only recently that I started figuring out what contributes to that specific range of motion, and now I’m rectifying  the situation. Thus, the hook game is opening up to me, …

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