Nov 02

Books That Can Inspire You To Develop Leadership


    The idea of natural born leadership is a fallacy. It is a skill like any other, and it can be developed. The benefit of becoming a leader in any form is that you increase your ability to be a positive influence. That’s why it is a topic worthy of study. For books on …

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Nov 02

What Alexandre Paiva Can Teach Us About Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

When we started Jiu-jitsu, many of us knew nothing. The only arts that are similar are wrestling and judo, but everyone doesn’t have that background. Without that, we’re left with watching MMA or Army Combatives as common conduits of grappling knowledge. What about the person who has none of that? What if they just happened to …

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Oct 31

Books About Mindset and How You Can Improve Yours


How you view the world influences the choices you make. That’s your mindset. It’s how you interpret everything that happens around you. It’s something that you can change though, and mindset is often more important than skillset. I separated all these books out from my full reading list, and each of them focus on the …

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Oct 30

The Five Commandments of the Underhook Half Guard

In Jiu-jitsu, there is a hierarchy of positions and everything is interconnected. It all forms a complex web with many different paths to any destination. Within that system of multiple possibilities, there is the half guard. It is unique. Half is the one position where you can get anywhere else within one or two steps. No …

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Oct 29

Books That Delve into History to Offer Insight and Wisdom


It is said that experience is the best teacher, but do you really have to touch a flame to know that it burns? Isn’t it better to learn from the experience of others and avoid that pain altogether. That illustrates the benefit of learning from history, and that’s the reason why I’m willing to recommend …

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Oct 28

Books That Will Assist You in Improving Your Learning Process


Through learning, we can maximize the potential of our minds and bodies. For that reason, every day is an opportunity to become better than we were yesterday. If you believe that philosophy, like I do, these books can improve the effectiveness of your learning. If other topics are more interesting to you, my full reading …

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