Jul 30

Technique has no respect, regardless of your belt


I’m doing a little mental review from a seminar  I just attended. There were some SERIOUS gems of knowledge dropped on that mat, and I can say without a doubt that it was more than worth the investment. And if there was an opportunity to learn from David Onuma again, I would jump on it …

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Jul 28

There’s no such thing as a mistake on the mat


Two roared out onto the mat, slapped hands, and then after a flurry of activity, only one hand was raised. That was a familiar scene at the New York Open. It happened countless times, and it is the one thing that you can predict in competition. There will be a result. And when you’re in …

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Jul 02

I’m escaping from this and you can’t stop me


I’m going to share a chain drill with you that connects the back escape with a rolling back take. There’s two techniques in the flow. So by the standards of chain drills, it’s a simple drill. And it also combines a basic technique with a more advanced one, which can make things a little more …

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Jun 06

Flowing between closed guard attacks like a magician


In Jiu-jitsu, there are several techniques that you’re likely to learn early on, no matter where you train. One of them is the cross choke from closed guard. And it’s effective at all levels. But there’s a problem. Almost everyone learns it. That increases the chance that the threat will be recognized and addressed early. …

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May 19

Your lapel is my weapon, I will use it as I wish


Beyond honing your execution of technique to the highest level possible, you must also develop a deep understanding of strategy. In any situation, your opponent has ideal responses from their point of view. You have to expect them to choose their best course of action. And if you pay attention, you’ll be able to not only …

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May 03

Take a little Demara and add a bit of lapel to get devastation

Lapel Armbar

Nowadays, closed guard isn’t given all that much fanfare. That isn’t because the position is obsolete. It’s still LETHAL. It’s just a question of your investment. If you put time into the position, you’ll get results from it. And I’m going to give you some more tools to play with. The three attacks you’ll learn in this …

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