Jun 17

Looking at Soldierfit through the Prism


I’ve recently had the opportunity to start building a partnership with Soldierfit. It’s a company that is focused on helping people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, and I am very proud to represent it since there is no doubt that they do good work.

Just saying that they do good work isn’t enough though eh. So instead, I will highlight some significant ways that the company has benefited others from different perspectives.

Gym Owners

Around two years ago, Danny Farrar started training at Evolve Academy. He is the founder of Soldierfit, and that was my first exposure to the company. Over time, he built up a relationship with my coach, Mike Moses. That relationship blossomed into a partnership.

Shortly thereafter, Soldierfit were given some time slots to run their program at Evolve Academy. They brought in an influx of individuals who were focused on getting in shape and exposed them to the possibility of learning a martial art.

It’s interesting that there has been noticeable crossover from Soldierfit to some Evolve programs without much significant effort to make that choice appealing. It has mostly come as a result of exposing more people to the environment and letting them see the possibilities of what can be achieved.

Soldierfit Troops


Soldierfit has built up a tradition of calling members of their program Troops. It reinforces that theme of working towards a high level of fitness similar to an elite soldier.

There are other ways as well where the company incorporates that theme in their program and in their marketing strategy. It’s clear to me though that there is a reason behind the rhyme, and it is not superficial.

In fact, I see it as one of the ways that the company has benefited its members indirectly on the motivation side of things. I say that because they have created a tangible link between the theme of being soldier fit and the idea that we are in this together.

The link has been established in various ways. One is that they have consistently offered numerous and significant referral deals. This has not only resulted in increasing their client base but more importantly it has led to the creation of networks of relationships within the program.

So you have members who encourage each other to come do the workout, push each other during the workout, and congratulate each other after all the hard work has been done.

Then there are the extracurricular activities, so to speak, like Assault Runs, Paint Ball games, Tough Mudder, etc. The company creates opportunities for its members to participate as a group in physically demanding but enjoyable activities which work to create and strengthen bonds between members.

On one level, you have that indirect motivation. Then there is also the actual direct motivation of instructors pushing you during the workout to push past the limits you place on yourself.

Now let’s move on to some of the other unique benefits that Soldierfit offers its customers.

Class Flexibility

Soldierfit has been growing as a company consistently, and as they have grown they’ve expanded where and when they offer classes. So their clients have a good deal of flexibility not only in the location where they train but also when during the day that they will train.

In fact, I recently heard that they were offering about 400 classes a month, but that may have changed since then.

Personal Attention

In addition to the actual bootcamp workouts, they offer the option of one-on-one training with any instructor of your choice.  So if you feel like personal attention would help you better achieve your fitness goals, there is that option.

Me, Myself, and I

Last year, when I was gearing up to go to Abu Dhabi to compete, I did a few training sessions with Danny. They weren’t easy, but they definitely contributed to my continuous and endless process of improving.

Also sometimes, I jump in on the Soldierfit workouts when I’m at Evolve, and it has never been the same workout. Every time I’ve done it, it’s been different and it’s never been easy. So I’ve always felt that I’ve benefited from the experience afterward.

Check out their site and go in for a free trial if you live anywhere close to a location. You won’t regret it.