Jul 23

Embrace the Process

Embrace the Process of Continuous Improvement

It’s time to believe that you are in the process of becoming great. The key word there is process because every day there is the opportunity to move forward or backward.

No other option exists.

If you have the mindset that nothing stays the same and everything is always changing, it becomes easier to not think of yourself in static terms.  Of course, that raises the question of why thinking in static terms is not beneficial.

When you take the result of any situation and use it to define who you are, you are in fact limiting your potential.

Another way to think of this is to imagine traveling a far distance to compete at a tournament then losing every match. If you think you are a loser as a result, you will be.

How you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win.

Now what about the other side of the coin? How can there be a problem when you think of yourself as great or as a winner when you go out there and win matches or choke someone who you thought was really good?

There is a story in the The Art of Learning about a kid who built up an incredible winning streak at chess. His family and friends heaped so much praise on him about his brilliance and skill that the streak became his claim to fame.

As a result, he never wanted to challenge himself and only played against people he known he could beat. He simply did not want to risk shattering the image.

Thus, his potential was limited because he thought of himself in static terms. I could easily see him crumbling if there ever came a day when he lost.

How you think when you win determines the limits of your potential.

All of that goes back to the focus on the process. If your mindset is: win or lose, I will learn from this experience and be better tomorrow, it is hard to be deterred by small events.

It’s all about the long view.

Embrace the process.

[important]All of this may be familiar to you. Perhaps it’s not. Either way, consider it a reinforcement of the idea that the journey is more important than the destination. Simply stay in the process and don’t let small events deter you. You’ll be surprised at how far you can go.[/important]


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  1. Ze Grappler

    i view competing when hurt or doing a tournament last minute in the same way.

    i know my preparation hasn’t been great, or i didn’t cut weight, but i know that i’ll find parts of my game exposed with the kind of emphasis that will make me work on them next week rather than a training partner just catching me in something while rolling.

  2. Kenneth Brown

    Yes, you have to go out there without the fear of losing. I’ve seen too many people not try because of the fear of what if. What if I lose? What if I get hurt? It all matters far less than what you can learn from the experience.

  3. Ze Grappler

    Kenneth Brown – i saw you compete in the brown belt division if i’m not mistaken at US Grappling Richmond recently. some good brown belt matches that day all around.

  4. Kenneth Brown

    Yup. I wanted to put the new belt to the test right away. The experience gave me a good idea of things that I can still improve on. It was great.

  5. DeShieco

    Kenneth, you’re very correct, and your assessment here…is right one. Basically, it’s the overall mindset of the individual in that current situation in regards to the uncertainty (risk) of Winngin/Losing, and how they choose to manage the uncertainty of that Pre/Post outcome and/or result. This all goes back to RISK..

    Risk is good, the point here is not to eliminate risk; because if we chose to eliminate risk, we then eliminate the reward. The goal here is to manage it, meaning….choose where to place your bets, and where to avoid betting altogether….uncertainty, will forever be a factor of our life experiences, but it’s this uncertainty which teaches us, and helps us improve our odds/chances of being certain.

    Collectively, there will always be forces that stimulate considerable changes, and these changes create an increasingly risky and turbulent environment. So, how do we survive these turbulent environments (i.e., Wins vs. Losses)? We seek opportunity, “where the forces of uncertainty and growth are the strongest.”, and in my opinion they will always be an opportunity for these forces to be the strongest in the eyes of defeat….

  6. Kenneth Brown

    Yeah, it’s really about mindset and beliefs. What you believe about any event will determine the actions that you will take in response.

    Also there’s a concept about risk that I like.

    It’s simply that the avoidance of risk is a risk in and of itself. There is inherent risk to doing nothing or playing it safe.

    It is the risk of achieving nothing that you consider worthwhile.

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