Jul 30

Drills for Developing Knee on Belly Flow and Control

Drills for Developing the Knee on Belly Position

Source: Rashad77f

Here’s a collection of good videos that focus on drills that can be done for the knee on belly position.

A few cover the same material, but it is good to look at things from different perspective sometimes.

Jason Scully incorporates the knee on belly position in a transitional drill. One thing that is really great about his videos is that he has a high degree of focus on concepts, and this is another example of that.

Details about each step of the transition are given. So it really help you to understand conceptually what you have to do to perform the drill correctly.

The key lesson in the video though is that idea that you should chain techniques together when you drill. The benefit you attain when you do that exceed what is possible when you only train techniques in isolation.

In this video, Jeremy Arel focuses on the key details of the side-to-side knee on belly switch.

Oh, and he uses some interesting terminology.

Ryron Gracie presents the same side-to-side knee on belly switch in a different way. Instead of focusing on a lot of verbal explanation, he focuses on the physical demonstration.

Also there is a moment at the beginning when he demonstrates the transition from mount to knee on belly.

Once again, Jeremy created a video that focuses on knee on belly transitions. This time, he merges the transitions from mount to knee on belly and the side-to-side switch into a flow drill.

Here’s another perspective on the knee on belly side-to-side transition drill by Brian McLaughlin. The great thing about seeing the same drill demonstrated by different people is that they all have different methods of highlighting what’s important.

This is another knee on belly side-to-side drill, but this time a different movement is utilized.