Nov 12

Developing the hook game for brazilian jiu-jitsu

For many years, I had a lot of trouble sitting on my heels. So that was a range of flexibility I just didn’t have. It’s only recently that I started figuring out what contributes to that specific range of motion, and now I’m rectifying  the situation.

Thus, the hook game is opening up to me, and I want to share some of the drills that are contributing to my development.

Here is a variation on the standard butterfly lift drill, but there are so many details in it that it has become my new way of performing the drill.


Another great drill from the How to Defeat a Bigger, Stronger Opponent set. It actually makes me want to go buy it. About the drill though, it really emphasizes the reverse shrimp movement and maintaining effective distance while in open guard.


Spycam action from Team Lloyd Irvin HQ. What’s interesting here is that they took the standard butterfly lift drill and added a time component to make it more dynamic and flowing. Also using a sound cue to perform a specific technique is a method of developing reaction time as well.