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This section is focused on my own training and training concepts in general.

Jan 02

Training Acceleration: A Different Way to Think about the Learning Process

Training Acceleration: A Different Way to think about the Learning Process

I just had a revelation, and I want to share it with you. Others have probably had it as well, but I want to outline it in a way that can be clearly understood and applied. Let’s start off with a question. What are the components of an effective technique? As you think about that …

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Dec 09

Observations After a Judo and Sambo Clinic


Today, I had the opportunity to participate in a grappling seminar, or clinic as they call it, and it was run by Nina Cutro-Kelly. Her background is in Sambo, Judo, and Wrestling. So obviously she has a different source of knowledge than I do when it comes to grappling. This was quite apparent when she …

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Sep 23

Sharpening the Blade and Stringing the Bow


A few weeks ago I decided to challenge myself. I drew a hard line in the sand and set a goal. Now the deadline is fast approaching, and I started off the week from a deficit. I lost some ground as a result of not training much for two weeks due to sickness. Regardless of …

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Sep 09

Aiming to be in a Constant State of Evolution

Updated: October 23, 2013 There is a wealth of knowledge out there.  The difficulty lies in finding what’s relevant to you. What I want to do here is help you out in that process to some degree. This is my personal reading list. It includes books I’ve read, the book I’m reading, and books that …

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Jul 27

Another Milestone in the Journey

Promotion Brown Belt at Evolve Academy

Yesterday, I was promoted to brown belt, and all I can think about is all the challenges that await me. There are several matches that I really want, and I have the time to prepare myself. I just have to stay focused on what I can do each day to move forward.