Category: Techniques

I'm going to share some technique with you. Hopefully you'll find something that it is helpful.

Jan 19

An ezekiel choke straight out the pits of hell

Jan 17

No underhook, no problem

Jan 13

The slugger changes his grip and the crowd roars

It happened in 2013. Some young, unknown black belt from Gracie Barra pulled one of the member of the illustrious Gracie clan in the San Diego Abu Dhabi Pro Trials. And not long after the start, the young slugger pulled guard, but the favored son was on him like lice, straight pressure passing out the …

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Nov 01

The first thing you must do when the bow and arrow choke is imminent

  Just another night on the mat. And once again, I allowed someone to get on my back. In that moment, suddenly, the intensity increased. A submission was now in sight, and the guy was hunting. He wanted it. And he went after it. Then through flurry of grip fighting, he finally gets the cross collar …

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Oct 04

The beginning of an endless chain of technique

  Imagine a puzzle that has no defined shape. You can add a countless amount of pieces to it, but it will never be complete. All you can do is form little structures or images in the mass. That’s Jiu-jitsu. It’s endless. But learning how to start piecing it together is one of the most …

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