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I'm going to share some technique with you. Hopefully you'll find something that it is helpful.

Mar 15

Four essential sweeps for closed guard

Four essential sweeps for closed guard

Over the years, these four sweeps have served me well. And each of them give you attack options in slightly different situations. Case in point: The pendulum sweep works like a charm when you get the initial setup for the armbar (the elbow crosses the center line) but can’t quite escape your hips all the …

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Feb 08

Deep half players need triangle love too

This might seem a little flashy at first. But it’s part of a sequence offense for the deep half that begins with the waiter sweep. A common reaction when going for that sweep is that opponents shift their weight forward. That’s when the knee comes into play to add extra leverage to the sweep. But …

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Jan 25

A sequence of offense for the scissor sweep in closed guard

Since this is a quick demonstration, I’ll break down the principles a bit. Before any scissor sweep can occur, you must damage the structure of an opponent’s position. Generally, that’s done by loading the person’s weight forward. That brings their hips off of their heels and creates a lightness in the lower body. But, one thing …

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Jan 22

On the unwary, the danger of the lapel sneaks up fast

If you would like to explore lapel trickery to a deeper level, there is a place you can go:

Jan 20

A lot of work went into learning how to granby

More than eight years ago, I got my grubby hands on Chuck Anzalone’s Tornado Guard instructional (now out of print and hard to get). And it was filled with all kinds of inversions and roly poly guard tricks. But I couldn’t do any of them. Hell, every time I tried to granby, it was like …

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