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I'm going to share some technique with you. Hopefully you'll find something that it is helpful.

Oct 18

Crocodiles don’t hunt with their arms

In nature, crocodiles ambush their prey with a vicious intensity that few other predators can match. Just pull up National Geography, and you’ll see them slowly drifting along in the water, all nonchalant, before suddenly surging out of the water and chomping down on some wildebeest. And you know what? They always lead with their …

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May 03

The sleeve drag deceives and destroys all

Oh boy, let’s talk about the sleeve drag. It’s one of many grips that I like to use in the closed guard, and I call it that instead of other names that others use because I always want to remind myself of the primary intent behind using it. Once I establish it, I must always …

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Apr 07

Two simple improvements to the knee cut pass

The other day, a student asked me about a problem he’s been having often during rolls. Over and over again, he gets to one of the very best positions for finishing the knee cut pass (deep underhook and head tight against the ear on the other side), but yet (get this) he goes noooowhere. His …

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Mar 30

Hip tilt setup to the hand gun choke

Hip Tilt Setup to the Hand Gun Choke (Remarkably Similar to the Loop Choke Setup)

A few days ago, a pal of mine sent me a link to a video. He immediately notices some similarities between its execution and the principles I stress when teaching the loop choke. So immediately he thought I might want to check it out. He’s a good guy. And I appreciate that because he was …

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Mar 18

The strongest armbar setup grip I know for no-gi

The strongest armbar setup grip I know for no-gi

The other day, I was about the grip I prefer for setting up the armbar in no-gi, so I after an open mat, I jumped on the good ol’ book of faces and went live. This grip was only showed to me once. That was enough though. I had to see once to know that …

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