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I'm going to share some technique with you. Hopefully you'll find something that it is helpful.

Aug 29

A Deeper Look at the Fatboy Triangle Finish

The Fatboy Triangle Finish is a solution to two specific problems in jiu-jitsu. The inability to properly lock the triangle because of leg length, flexibility, or opponent size. The inability to finish the choke quickly because of lack of sufficient pressure. In essence, it is a method of applying compressing force immediately to eliminate most …

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Dec 22

Crowdsourced: Half Guard Pass Counter Options

Given a very specific situation, this is a series of counter options based on the progression of a technique. Before you watch it, you should check out the original half guard pass. After that, look at the counters and study them. Do you perceive any issues or vulnerabilities? If you do, highlight them. It’s not …

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Dec 17

A Quick and Simple Mount Escape Counter

There was a question on Sherdog about what to do when your opponent turns tries to elbow escape mount. In that situation, I have a little simple thing that I do, and I’ve had a lot of success with it. So I tried to explain it there, but I felt that it wouldn’t be easy …

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Dec 16

Alternative Triangle Finish from Mount

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m in the process of analyzing the way I teach, and I’m making an effort to improve the process and delivery. So I give you these unedited videos because I like to kill two birds with one stone. I have some good knowledge to share, and I …

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Nov 30

Transitions between Half Guard and Closed Guard

Hey, I decided to share some more unedited technique. There are actually three in the video, but they’re all interconnected. Half Guard Transition to Closed Guard Details: There are two different grip combinations that you can use for this transition. The one I showed is cross collar/far sleeve. The other one that you can use …

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Nov 22

Informal Technique: Triangle Entry from Half Guard

Some time ago, I put a little informal technical lesson on video and shared it only with those who have signed up for the BJJ Canvas Newsletter. Generally, I prefer to do that over posting technique, but I’m making an exception here. Half Guard Triangle Entry The technique is a transition from half guard into …

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