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These are reviews of BJJ products that I've used. The focus is on highlighting the meaningful differences between products.

Nov 02

What Alexandre Paiva can teach us about brazilian jiu-jitsu

When we started Jiu-jitsu, many of us knew nothing. The only arts that are similar are wrestling and judo, but everyone doesn’t have that background. Without that, we’re left with watching MMA or Army Combatives as common conduits of grappling knowledge. What about the person who has none of that? What if they just happened to …

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Oct 29

The Characteristics of Success and How to Apply Them

One day, I walked into the library, and something quite unexpected happened.. By chance, my eyes fell upon a book, and it had a word on the cover that stood out to me. You could probably guess which one it was if you take just a moment to look up above. I picked it up, …

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Aug 10

Some Say That No White Belt Should Watch This

With that headline, I guess it would be quite appropriate to tell you which instructional I’m talking right off the bat. The instructional is called Tornado Roll and Inverted Guard, and it was done by Chuck Anzalone. I watched it way back when I was a white belt. Even given the fact that the topic matter …

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Mar 26

Review of Jacare’s BJJ Instructional

Cover Art for the Instructional

I’ve had this set for awhile now but it wasn’t until recently that I actually sat down and watched it all. I wish I had done so earlier since there is a lot of great technique on it. The instructional is split into four parts, which include takedowns, guard passes, submissions, and sweeps. Some of …

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Mar 22

Vince Quitugua’s Lost Techniques Of The Half Guard

Cover Art for the Lost Techniques of the Half Guard

I first studied this instructional a few years ago, and the only things that stuck with me were the London and Golden Gate sweeps in their basic forms. Now that I have more knowledge to associate with the material,  I can appreciate how much more great technique is available on the Lost Techniques. The instructional …

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