Category: Reflection

My personal thoughts about various subjects related to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Jul 16

Better than the average mechanic

Mat chat time: Many moons ago, after a great training session, amidst many grand puddles of sweat, a few of us had a discussion. I could regale you with a fascinating tale of how it took many turns and covered several topics. But no, I just want to share one thing. One of my teammates …

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Jul 13

Three adjustments that changed my game forever

Let’s chat about ah ha moments. They’re those times when something just clicks for you. At that moment, it all makes all sense. And they’re sneaky too. Sometimes someone will show you something that makes you smack your head and wonder about why you didn’t think of it first or perhaps you’ll just stumble on …

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Feb 21

This world deserves a better class of grappler

“This city needs a better class of criminal. And I’m going to give it to them.” – The Joker in the Dark Knight In the comic book world, there are countless villains. Most of them have incredible powers and the pure carnage they can unleash with ease is simply astonishing. But one in particular looms …

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Jan 23

Building a firm foundation in a non-ideal environment

Behold this message that came in on the book of faces recently from Mike Lamarche: “I come from a small town in Ontario where jiu-jitsu is a couple hours away. Our dojo had open up and we kind of do self training also video tutorials from out affiliate Chino Jiu-jitsu. I just wanted to know …

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Jan 18

Granbying through the universe

In some far flung corner of the interwebz, a video of mine has resurfaced. I stumbled upon it by chance, and the very first thing I noticed is that small changes had been made. It was clearly not in its original form. Know what though? I’m not even mad. In fact, it’s interesting. That video …

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