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My personal thoughts about various subjects related to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Sep 08

The Frank Cucci Seminar at Evolve Academy


Recently, my gym expanded to a new location, and one of the events to celebrate the occasion was a seminar by Frank Cucci. He came up to support my coach, Mike Moses, because they have a long history. He’s also one of Mike’s original instructors. I want share with you a lesson I learned from …

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Oct 08

Mindset is Often More Important than Skillset

Mindset is Often More Important than Skillset

I’m very self aware. I know when I’m performing to the best of my ability and when I’m not. There’s a clear difference. I’m telling you this not because I’m so special but because I spend a lot of time thinking about the connection between mindset and performance. There is no doubt that such a …

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Oct 05

Lessons Learned When I Was a White Belt IV

Lessons Learned when I was White Belt IV

Let’s take a little trip. Through the Wormhole A few years ago, Evolve Academy decided to create a fight team for the WKA Nationals. The tryouts were set at a certain date and a certain time, and it was expected to be a really difficult and demanding test. At the time, I had been training …

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Sep 25

Expanding the Popularity of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu


#brazilian jiu-jitsu isn’t popular. Deny it not. It’s the reason why all the big names in the sport as well as the martial art as a whole are barely known outside the small community of dedicated individuals who train. Now that’s not a problem. It’s an opportunity. The Great Challenge For those who are truly …

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Sep 04

Lessons Learned When I Was a White Belt III


Today, I’m going to talk about the lesson I learned the very first day I trained at Evolve Academy. I drove over an hour to get to the gym and I got lost at the end, since it was located off the main road. By some miracle though, I will still early. So I signed …

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