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Nov 13

What Would You Do If You No One Could Stop You

The Power Of Challenging Goals

Take a moment to think about just one thing that you can do now that you never imagined yourself capable of years ago. I’m sure that you can probably think of at least one. It’s even quite probable that you can think of far more than that. The point of that exercise was to highlight …

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Aug 28

How to Apply Think and Grow Rich Concepts to BJJ

How to Apply Think and Grow Rich Concepts to BJJ

Think and Grow Rich was highly recommended to me. So I read once, I read it twice, and then I read several chapters over again. Now I’m going to take those 13 concepts of success and apply them to BJJ. First, let’s start off by listing the thirteen principles: Desire Faith Auto-Suggestion Specialized Knowledge Imagination Organized …

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Aug 05

The Importance of Daily Rituals and How to Apply Them to BJJ

There are underlying concepts that hold the keys to success, and they aren’t only found in your chosen areas of interest. In this video that never once mentions Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, I heard several concepts that I could apply directly to my training. The one concept that stood out most of all for me is the importance of …

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Jul 23

Embrace the Process

It’s time to believe that you are in the process of becoming great. The key word there is process because every day there is the opportunity to move forward or backward. No other option exists. If you have the mindset that nothing stays the same and everything is always changing, it becomes easier to not …

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Mar 18

An ever growing list of meaningful quotes that you can apply

Motivational, Inspirational and Meaningful Quotes

Updated: March 18th, 2016 Take a moment and pick at least one quote. Then ask yourself does it have relevance to you. That exercise is one that I make an effort to do as well because it is better to learn from history than experience. It can save you time and pain, and that’s why …

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