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Here you can find all the posts that focus on the learning process and how you can learn more effectively.

Sep 07

Are You Consumed With the Question of Why

I know I am. I realized early that understanding why a technique works makes it easier to figure out how to make it work for me. So I became a conceptual learner. Another factor in that choice of focus came as a result of a method that my coach, Mike Moses, used to use often …

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Sep 04

Are All Hours Spent Training BJJ of Equal Value

This is a question that I’ve wondered about. Intuitively, I’ve felt that the answer was a clear and emphatic no. The issue was that I only had my own experience to draw from. Now from two different sources within a very small time frame, I’ve been introduced to a concept that has the potential of …

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Aug 17

Small Circles: The Theory of Efficient Mastery

  One of the recent books that I’ve read was Josh Waitzkin’s The Art of Learning. In it, there was a section on small circles. It’s a simple theory. The focus is on mastering simple subsets of a discipline in order to make the rest less complex. One example of how he applied that concept …

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Jul 14

What Josh Waitzkin Can Teach Us About Learning Approaches

I recently read the The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin, and in it there is a section about learning approaches and how they differ. Two categories were established: The entity learning approach. The incremental learning approach. In the entity learning process, individuals determined their ability to learn or perform based on their perception of …

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