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This section is focused on jiu-jitsu drills. They will be compiled from as many sources as possible.

Nov 23

Side control better ready itself for oblivion


There’s some monsters out there that know how to make side control one of the most horrendous of experiences. They settle their weight just right. They drive off their feet into the side of your ribs just right. And they smash their shoulder into your chin just right. It’s almost seems like they putting no …

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Jul 02

I’m escaping from this and you can’t stop me


I’m going to share a chain drill with you that connects the back escape with a rolling back take. There’s two techniques in the flow. So by the standards of chain drills, it’s a simple drill. And it also combines a basic technique with a more advanced one, which can make things a little more …

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Feb 17

A tornado is raging and no mercy will be shown


One of things that many people have said to me over the years is that I shouldn’t be able to move the way I do. The way I move is unexpected because of my size. And it all started with a desire to learn a cool technique when I was a white belt. I wanted …

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Nov 21

Three Basic Armbar Drills That Must Be Learned


Every technique begins with movement. And even the most basic technique isn’t always easily learned. It takes time to develop the correct¬†movement because Jiu-jitsu is so different than most common activities. That’s the reason why drills exist. They allow us to isolate specific movements and repeat them over and over again until they’re mastered. That’s …

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Sep 16

Shrimping ain’t easy (but perfecting it will boost your skills)

Shrimping is one of the first movements you learn in Jiu-jitsu. It’s also often included in warmups in gyms all across the world. You’re told how important it is but it is often hard to see the relevance in the beginning. The movement also doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In fact, I remember struggling with …

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Jul 30

Drills for Developing Knee on Belly Flow and Control

Drills for Developing the Knee on Belly Position

Here’s a collection of good videos that focus on drills that can be done for the knee on belly position. A few cover the same material, but it is good to look at things from different perspective sometimes. Jason Scully¬†incorporates the knee on belly position in a transitional drill. One thing that is really great …

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