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This section is focused on jiu-jitsu drills. They will be compiled from as many sources as possible.

Sep 16

Shrimping Ain’t Easy (But Perfecting It Will Boost Your Skills)

Shrimping is one of the first movements you learn in Jiu-jitsu. It’s also often included in warmups in gyms all across the world. You’re told how important it is but it is often hard to see the relevance in the beginning. The movement also doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In fact, I remember struggling with …

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Jul 30

Drills for Developing Knee on Belly Flow and Control

Drills for Developing the Knee on Belly Position

Here’s a collection of good videos that focus on drills that can be done for the knee on belly position. A few cover the same material, but it is good to look at things from different perspective sometimes. Jason Scully¬†incorporates the knee on belly position in a transitional drill. One thing that is really great …

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Nov 12

Developing the Hook Game for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

For many years, I had a lot of trouble sitting on my heels. So that was a range of flexibility I just didn’t have. It’s only recently that I started figuring out what contributes to that specific range of motion, and now I’m rectifying ¬†the situation. Thus, the hook game is opening up to me, …

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