Category: Concepts

This section is all about concepts that can be applied to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. If you understand the concept, you can create the methods.

Sep 04

Levels to this cross choke game

Following up from yesterday: I’ve had the opportunity now to test out the double palm down cross choke, and it works. Yes, yes indeed, it does. In fact, it took almost no strength at all. Just wrist action and they were heading off towards lala land. This changes a lot. And that’s no exaggeration. Being …

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Sep 03

The pressure grip that transformed into a choke

Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of Rafael Lovato matches. And I noticed something curious. When he gets to quarter mount, his very next step is to drive in a cross collar grip with the palm. He then uses his forearm to drive into the chin, making his opponents look away from his trapped leg. …

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Aug 28

A quick peek at one of my stolen goods

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: One of the principles I live by is that any and every thing that works on me on the mat is subject to outright and blatant theft, and I have absolutely no reservations about it either. If it works on me, I steal it. And oh …

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Aug 27

How the young wolf staved off the old lion

Sometime ago, I invested some time in watching tape, and I found one match in particular interesting. It was the latest in the Xande Ribeiro vs Felipe Pena mat battles, and it came down to a razor thin margin. In fact, no point were scored at all. But I was riveted because of the lessons …

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Aug 25

Crossface ain’t shyt

A few days back, I yapped about how preventing the cross face used to be all the rage among half guard “aficionados”. That tactical choice stemmed from two things. First of all, they hated being crossfaced, and that’s completely understandable. Good guys can make that position absolutely horrible. (Feeling that shoulder grinding hard into your …

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