Category: Concepts

This section is all about concepts that can be applied to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. If you understand the concept, you can create the methods.

Aug 25

Crossface ain’t shyt

A few days back, I yapped about how preventing the cross face used to be all the rage among half guard “aficionados”. That tactical choice stemmed from two things. First of all, they hated being crossfaced, and that’s completely understandable. Good guys can make that position absolutely horrible. (Feeling that shoulder grinding hard into your …

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Aug 24

Handing out punishment in the tilt matrix

Sometimes, it astounds me how many people to still fall victim to my hip tilt trickery. Yes, yes I know that I make them react to the wrong thing, but still… sometimes it just seems like cheating. And there is sooo much that can be done off of that one threat too. For example, as …

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Jul 31

In a bitter battle, the elbows clash against the knees

A few years back, Nic Gregoriades crossed the Atlantic and eventually found his way to Delaware to teach a seminar. If you don’t know, he received his black belt from the all time great, Roger Gracie, and he is the major creative force behind the Jiu-jitsu Brotherhood. I happen to like his style (its very …

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Jul 15

A troof for the ages

Behold… One troof you’ve probably not heard anywhere near enough is that: Technique is only as good as the conditions that you drill in. Case in point: These days, even the best shrimp escape for side control isn’t enough to make me give up control. You ain’t getting back to closed guard that easy, son. …

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Jul 14

Barbarians just want to rampage through your guard

The city is surrounded. Barbarians are at the gate, and they’re making a loud clamor. You can hear swords banging shields, shouts and jeers, and sound of countless feet stomping the ground combine in cacophony of noise. It’s grinding on your nerves. And it’s already been a few weeks. Supplies are running short, and soon …

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