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This section is all about concepts that can be applied to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. If you understand the concept, you can create the methods.

Sep 23

By axe or by guillotine

Something morbid to think about on this fine Saturday evening: At the height of the French Revolution, there was a familiar scene. One after another, those who were condemned to execution stumbled down from carts and were marshaled into line, as each in turn was led up the steps of a scaffold, where blood soaked …

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Sep 19

The most basic of underhook half offensive loops

The first game that any half guardian worth their salt must develop is the underhook game. Just having one attack there won’t serve you that well though. Eventually, you’ll run into those base gods that make coming up to knees and driving across an arduous task. That’s why the easiest way to improve your offense …

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Sep 12

Deconstruction of a scissor sweep offensive flow

At a certain point, I realized that there was an innate connection between the scissor sweep and kneeshield half guard. The whole cross collar and sleeve grip combination could be used interchangeably in both situations to unleash offense, and the only difference between the two was the position of the bottom leg. Yeah, yeah I …

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Sep 11

Soul crushing shoulder pressure

Lemme tell you about the perils of soul crushing shoulder pressure. Back when I was coming up, there was a black belt (and he’s still around) who was infamous for his ability to put people to sleep with shoulder pressure alone. And he wasn’t no big and brawny dude either. In fact, if you saw …

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Sep 04

Levels to this cross choke game

Following up from yesterday: I’ve had the opportunity now to test out the double palm down cross choke, and it works. Yes, yes indeed, it does. In fact, it took almost no strength at all. Just wrist action and they were heading off towards lala land. This changes a lot. And that’s no exaggeration. Being …

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