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This section is all about concepts that can be applied to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. If you understand the concept, you can create the methods.

Mar 02

3 Rules of Thumb for Making the Loop Choke More Effective

Over the last few months, a change has been happening in my game. Out of nowhere, the loop choke just started clicking for me, and I’ve been terrorizing the mat with it left and right. Hell, it’s gotten so bad that I’ve hit the same setup on three different people in one night even after …

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Jan 15

Psh, I don’t need no arms for this armbar

Somewhere in some far flung corner of the interwebz, this was written: “As a blue belt I’m horrified at my own armbar ability. Horrified. I know how to execute from all relevant positions, but I must have hit about 10 from guard ever. I see people locking up beautiful armbars from the back and catching …

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Jan 14

When the abominable snowman roams, no bunny is safe

One of the things that I harp about all the time (and I have no problem being obnoxious about it too) is that you don’t need to know all the moves in the world. Quantity just doesn’t matter as much as quality, and quality stems first from a firm understanding of principles. Hell, sometimes just …

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Jan 02

Side control micro battles 101

Following up: I still see people struggle with escaping from side control. It’s understandable. You’re at a disadvantage. The position is inferior, and you have to deal with weight and a limited range of movement. That’s why you have to give yourself every advantage. Easy to say, but how do you do it? Ahh, that’s …

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Dec 11

Covert mission deep into side control escape territory

Here’s a little something for the conceptual minded. It’s all the best things I ever learned about escaping from side control. Be warned though. It’s not technical. I’m not going to show you some magical move that works all the time against everyone even when they outweigh you by 200 pounds or more. No, instead …

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Nov 20

How to make your triangle chokes more vicious

Four essential sweeps for closed guard

  It happened again. Someone told me that they weren’t built for triangles. How can this be!? I know I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve heard it often enough. It matters not! I’m still annoyed. Why? Because being shorter and stockier is no excuse for not developing a vicious triangle. There is more than one way …

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