Category: Concepts

This section is all about concepts that can be applied to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. If you understand the concept, you can create the methods.

Nov 22

Committing blatant homicide on the elbow escape

Many years ago, I discovered a small little counter to the elbow escape from mount. It’s a micro adjustment in the truest sense. And it absolutely slaughters the escape. In fact, it’s so bad that I would even call it murder in plain daylight. Let’s explore: When it comes to the elbow escape, I break …

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Nov 07

Staying comfortable in horrible situations

More on that second super fight: My opponent had a strategy for killing my half guard, and he played it to a T. Time after time, he was able to force me out of position and put me in dangerous situations. I didn’t panicked though. In fact, throughout the whole thing, I felt comfortable and …

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Oct 18

Crocodiles don’t hunt with their arms

In nature, crocodiles ambush their prey with a vicious intensity that few other predators can match. Just pull up National Geography, and you’ll see them slowly drifting along in the water, all nonchalant, before suddenly surging out of the water and chomping down on some wildebeest. And you know what? They always lead with their …

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Oct 08

A principle that can be outright stolen from the marketing world

“The things that lead to great accomplishment are not sexy, or glamorous, so they’re rarely practiced, rarely thought, and therefore rarely learned.” – Ken McCarthy (One of the pioneers of internet marketing) The other day, I spent a few hours slowly poring over a long form sales letter. And amidst all the words (there were, …

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Sep 23

By axe or by guillotine

Something morbid to think about on this fine Saturday evening: At the height of the French Revolution, there was a familiar scene. One after another, those who were condemned to execution stumbled down from carts and were marshaled into line, as each in turn was led up the steps of a scaffold, where blood soaked …

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