Dec 16

Alternative Triangle Finish from Mount

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m in the process of analyzing the way I teach, and I’m making an effort to improve the process and delivery. So I give you these unedited videos because I like to kill two birds with one stone. I have some good knowledge to share, and I might as well do that while I’m in this process of improvement. All of the techniques I show are ones that I have had for some time, and I’ve tested them against many people.

Triangle Escape Counter


  • You should control the head when you triangle. You should control the head when you triangle. You should control the head when you triangle. Oh, did I repeat that enough? Let’s say so, but it can never be reinforced too much.
  • It’s very important to pull your free elbow back so it doesn’t interfere with your movement.
  • If you’re having trouble hitting the sweep to mount, you can insist on it by putting both hands on the mat after you belly out then use your hands to walk your hips back towards your opponent. Play with it.

Mount Triangle Finish


  • It’s simple. Just keep the lock and rotate towards the hips. Range of motion definitely won’t be a problem.


Timing is very important with the first part of the technique. When your opponent drives your knee to the ground, there’s only one step left before he generally escapes. So the best time to hit the counter is in the transition to that angle switch. Once you’re in mount though, timing isn’t a factor.


I guess I could attribute most of this to Ryan Hall. I learned the counter to the angle switch and the whole concept of perpendicular angle from him. What I did with it was an simple application. I combined the counter with the application of a concept to a unique situation.

In fact, the triangle finish from mount was my first “innovation”, I pieced the puzzle together when I was a white belt. Since then, I’ve had lots of success with it.