Dec 17

A Quick and Simple Mount Escape Counter

There was a question on Sherdog about what to do when your opponent turns tries to elbow escape mount. In that situation, I have a little simple thing that I do, and I’ve had a lot of success with it. So I tried to explain it there, but I felt that it wouldn’t be easy to understand it with words alone.

The solution was to just put it on video, and I’m going to share it with you as well.

Mount Escape Counter


  • Conceptually, the goal is to prevent the escape by halting the movement in process. Once the leg straightens, it has to be bent again in order for the mount escape to progress. The hook you weave through stops that transition in its tracks.
  • Once you have the leg, now you have to move your leg, on the side he wants to escape to, out of the risk area. You have a variety of options for doing that. You can underhook their arm on that side. You can crossface them. Or you can just drive the knee up like a battering ram. All that matters is the goal, not the method.
  • After that, just reset into the type of mount that you prefer.


This mount escape counter has to be done before they actually free their legs. It’s a race. It’s one that favors you though. The movement that is required is far simple than the movement that they will have to do in order to escape the position.


This was something that I started to see intuitively just from understanding the mount escape and what was required for it to be successful. I took what I learned then I flipped it and looked at it from different perspective in order to come up with the mount escape counter.

Consider it reverse engineering.